Things to do before the end of 2023

We have five activities for your agenda 

  1. Regular Open Café this Friday (17:00-19:00 h.)
  2. “Make your Christmas wreath”-workshop on Sunday, November 26 (13:30-16:30 h.)
  3. Taizé celebration on Sunday, December 3 (16:00-17:00 h.)
  4. Open Saint Nicholas Party on Tuesday, December 5 (17:30-19:30 h.)
  5. Christmas party with hot chocolate on Sunday, December 24 (17:30-19:30 h.)

Open Café is every Friday. Each week again it is a nice way to start the weekend. It is always a surprise who sits around the table, it is always a different meal. Feel free to join us. Just bring yourself and your favorite dish because it is a potluck. 

This Sunday, November 26, Nanda will lead a Make-your-own-Christmass-wreath workshop. Please invite friends and make a nice “kerstkrans”. Book soon, only 6 spots available! Time:13.30 – 16.30

Let’s celebrate Sinterklaas together! On Tuesday, December 5 we have an Open Sint Nicholas Party. This means: bring friends and a small gift of € 5,-. We will exchange gifts and drink hot chocolate milk. We will watch something afterward.

On Sunday, December 24, we will have a Christmas party with hot chocolate. More details will follow, but please mark the date.